Caption Contest

Allrighty then… Give us your best shot and the winner will get some high quality Sweetwater schwag. Extra points will be given if you can name either or both of the motards in this picture.

Yes Ale, Very Gomo

My 10th year (1998-2008) in Mongolia and can’t wait to go back for more.  I’ve handled many 50″ plus fish over the years but I have never seen the elusive 60 incher.  But as things would go the newest guide in our staff Alejandro Bianchetti (head guide at Villa Maria, TDF) would land one in his second week guiding.  All I have to say is what a prick!!!!! Good job Ale and Grif Towle the angler of the year.  Hey Grif you should look happier your holding a 60 incher!!!!

Ale and Grif with 60 inches of Taimen

Grif and Taimen

Mongolia 08′
My whole guide career I have heard about the phenomenon of women anglers, their pheromones and big fish. Frequently told is the story of the Salmon camp nine anglers one of which is a woman and without failure the largest take is that of the woman angler.
Well so far this season it has been no different at the Taimen camp. Statistically not well represented (3 of 24 anglers) the women were able to land the largest two Taimen taken thus far in 2008. First was by Michelle Gauthier a 53″ taken in low light with a black skated Verminator. And the second by Marles Frankman a 57″ caught sight fishing with a green and white deceiver. Kudos ladies and keep the Mojo flowing.