Caption Contest No. 2

C. Conn is away Taimen guiding, so it’s time to make fun of him. The winner gets 3 doz. crappy flies and this time they will be crappy.

Road Trip

Best family vacation ever.  Wendy, Griffin Mae and Charlie on the Clearwater.  Thanks to Timm Rosenbach for the plush accommadations and the scoop on where to get the Steelies!

Preperation is the key to a successful trip

Steelhead and Fried Chicken

OK, so the economy is in the crapper and gas prices are at an all time high. Here at Sweetwater Fly Shop we try and look at the bright side. Steelhead returns to the Skeena system in B.C. are twice the 10 year average this year, which is great for those of us able to make the trip north. Charlie however will not. So to compensate for this great injustice he had fried chicken for lunch while admiring the steelhead flies that he won’t be fishing. For more on Skeena steelhead returns check out the Skeena Fisheries Blog.

Mongolia 08′
My whole guide career I have heard about the phenomenon of women anglers, their pheromones and big fish. Frequently told is the story of the Salmon camp nine anglers one of which is a woman and without failure the largest take is that of the woman angler.
Well so far this season it has been no different at the Taimen camp. Statistically not well represented (3 of 24 anglers) the women were able to land the largest two Taimen taken thus far in 2008. First was by Michelle Gauthier a 53″ taken in low light with a black skated Verminator. And the second by Marles Frankman a 57″ caught sight fishing with a green and white deceiver. Kudos ladies and keep the Mojo flowing.

Over the years I’ve spent countless hours at lodge dining tables, guide shacks and taverns hearing a life’s worth of stories about fishing in Argentina.  Well finally I got the opportunity to wet a line in the fabled waters of the Rio Grande.  What an experience just the wind alone is worth the trip.  I was amazed at how consistent the wind can be. Sure I’ve been blown around the Yellowstone plenty but wow 50mph hour winds for an hour straight.  A guy can damn near get used to it.

I also got to experience Dorado fishing at Pira lodge.  Loved it!!!!  What an awesome game fish,  I think that they jump more than rainbows.  And what a setting I saw more birds in the first two hundred yards away from the marina than I’ll see in a whole season in the Amazon.  Thanks the Nervous-H20 for letting me fish your lodges, top shelf!!!!

By the way Paul Jones put a dead fish in my bag and somehow it ended up in his shoe.

Brazilatory 08′

On Febuary 28th I left Livingston to meet up with Jeff Vermillion and Captain John Donnell in Miami to head down to Manaus to conduct an exploratory in the headwaters of the Branco and the Negro. Although many of our fishing days were in previously fished water, we were able to spend at least three days in virgin territory. Time well spent too I might add.

Not only were we able to see the desired water conditions and fish quality to make it a successful trip it was also a great experience to fish with John Donnell. John and Jeff Vermillion have fished together a lot in the keys in recent years and Jeff opted to invite him on this peacock mission. It was great to see a dude with so many years of guiding and fishing experience still have such incredible passion for the sport, the environs and the people we encountered on our trip. Keep the faith John!

I had to give him my lunch money.