Something’s Very Wrong with This Picture

What’s Up With The Yellowstone?

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per secondHas it peaked already (on May 15th!)? Will it even go back up over 10,000 cfs again? Or is it going to remain fishable for the duration?

Around here, almost every conversation begins with, “what do you think’s gonna happen?” It’s causing more speculation than D. B. Cooper. Feel free to weigh in with some of your own hot air.

Can You Fish?

You can’t fish like Big Cutty can fish! Just about anyone can head to their local river or lake and reel in a few trout. Even you steelheaders with your “fish of a thousand casts” have nothing on me. I’ve proven it. I’m the title holder. What’s my title? The Sucker Slayer!

Wanna Smootch?

Toxic Slime

Help Me Get My Mojo Back!

I’m not too proud to admit, I’m in a slump. Mind you, I’m catching fish. I just haven’t had a really good day of fishing in quite some time. Nor have I caught anything of brag-worthy size in at least a couple of months. I don’t think I’m doing anything terribly wrong. I go to the same spots and fish the same flies as others who’ve reported lights-out fishing. The result for me? Four or five small-to-medium trout. I don’t take bananas on the boat. It’s a mystery.

You’ve all been there at some point. How did you restore your fishing Karma? Is there some sort of ritual I should perform? Should I burn my “lucky” fishing hat? Should I make an offering to the fish gods? Best suggestion wins a dozen crappy flies. My fishing fate is in your hands.

Should We Be Worried?

We’ve got a new Simms rep, Michael White. In person, he seems like a pretty level-headed guy. But there’s some evidence that he may have spent a little too much time on the road during his previous repping stint down in the Southern Rockies. Take a look at this video and judge for yourself. By the way, the front seat passenger is Diane Bristol of Simms and the guys in back are from Idylwilde Flies. Should we be concerned about the future of our industry?

Trailer Troubles

Something's not right here...










Double haul

Caption Contest

What kind of horrendous accident befell Charlie on his recent trip to India? Chances are, your guess isn’t any stranger than the truth.

Best caption wins 12 crappy flies.

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