The Great Spey Debate

Guess We Should Have Listened…

Our good buddy Jeffe sent us these shots to remind us of what dumb asses we were for not going to B.C. this year. Thanks buddy!

Save Wild Steelhead Festival

Last week the Sweaty Waders ambassadors for world peace and cheep PBR made the trek over the hill to Bozangeles to attend the first annual Save Wild Steelhead Festival. The event included films by the Fly Boys, Roll Cast Productions and Wahoo Films. Also featured were guest speakers Dylan Tomine, Jeff Bright, Rob Masonis and Rich Simms as well as artwork from Derek Deyoung. Fly Boys Paul and Jess did a great job putting on the event and raised a bunch of dough for the cause. Thanks for practicing what you preach boys! LINK

Kispiox Hog

Copper River Lodge guide Nick English hooked up with us in Smithers B.C. for a couple of days of steelheading before heading back to the States. After a fruitless day on the Bulkley Nick and girlfriend Kaylin decided to fish with us on the Kispiox. After being pointed in the direction of a couple of pools by Scott Schumacher, Nick landed this incredible buck measuring 45″ x 25″ with an estimated weight of 37lbs. HOLY CRAP!!

Nick English\'s 45\

Holy Crap!!

Billy Blewett of the Lower Dean River Lodge holds a buck that was recently landed by a lucky client.