Farewell, Sweaty Waders. Hello, The Fly Zone (We’ve Moved)

Fly ZoneHere at Sweetwater Fly Shop, we’ve got a fancy new website that we’re very proud of. In order to consolidate our efforts and make things more efficient, we’re now posting our blog posts directly to our website, instead of on this Sweaty Waders blog page. To see our most recent reviews, features, tips & techniques, etc…, click on the “Fly Zone” tab at the top of the new web page (or click here to go there directly). Please bookmark our site for future reference. Thanks!

SpumoniCam – A Dog’s Eye Tour of Sweetwater Fly Shop

Follow along with assistant shop dog Spumoni the Spinone as he takes a tour of Sweetwater Fly Shop.

Fly Shop Celebrity Sighting

Laura Bush used our restroom today.

Pay to Play?

We recently had a customer relate a rather shocking anecdote about a member of our industry. Apparently, while visiting another Montana fly shop (not here in Livingston, thank goodness), he asked for a little advice about fishing an area river. The fly shop employee commenced to tell him that he wouldn’t get any information until after he had purchased something. That brings up a related question. Do you feel obligated to buy something at a shop in return for a river report or other advice, even if it’s just a fly or two? Is it tit-for-tat? Or do you sometimes stop in a shop for information with no intention of making even a small purchase?

What’s Up With The Yellowstone?

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per secondHas it peaked already (on May 15th!)? Will it even go back up over 10,000 cfs again? Or is it going to remain fishable for the duration?

Around here, almost every conversation begins with, “what do you think’s gonna happen?” It’s causing more speculation than D. B. Cooper. Feel free to weigh in with some of your own hot air.

This just in: Limited Edition DeYoung iPhone Cases


Photo: Only 20-30<br /><br /><br />
limited edition signed and numbered DeYoung iphone cases left in each design<br /><br /><br />
for the iphone 4 or 4s. Get yours while you can:<br /><br /><br />

Derek DeYoung, a local artist has released a limited edition series of iPhone 4 and 4S cases.  Each design is in a limited release of 100 cases.  Each case has Derek’s original art work on the front, and on the inside he has signed each case and numbered it 1-100.  We have only a few, so get yours while they’re here.  We have the Brown trout eating a Stimmie, the 4 in 1, and the Drive In print in the shop.  Check out all 3 designs on our website. If you’re a big DeYoung fan, or like things with trout on them, then this case is for you! Photo from Derek DeYoung.


Overheard on the river

“Fly shop dudes are like lawyers; they only lie when they open their mouths.”

This from some folks who had been in our shop a couple of hours earlier. We had a good laugh.

For the record, we don’t lie to our customers, ever. We give the best advice we can, based on our own experience and what we’ve heard from our guides and friends who’ve been on the water. Sometimes it’ll work for you, sometimes it won’t. Trout are fickle. If fly fishing were as easy as blindly following what you’ve heard, it wouldn’t be as satisfying. Guides don’t stick with something that’s not catching fish, even if it was slaying them the day before. Neither should you. Switch it up until you find something that works for you. And then come tell us about it.