Photo Friday

Bryan Ringos was fishing for salmon near Ketchikan, Alaska, when a pod of humpback whales showed up. He shot a cool video, which can be viewed here.

Thanks to Bryan for his submission. Send your photos to Where are all those grip-and-grins? Has no one caught a big fish this year?

Photo Friday

You’re never too old for a grip and grin. Here’s Hal Webster still getting it done on Montana’s Smith River while in his 90’s.

Thanks to Bill Richardson for the photo. Twelve crappy flies are on their way. Help us keep Photo Fridays going. Send your pictures to Keep on fishing!

Photo Friday

There’s a new version of the hopper-dropper that’s really been slaying ‘em around here. We like it best in pink.

Thanks to papa Dennis Alverson for sending us this cute picture. Pick out your twelve crappy flies the next time you’re in the shop.

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Photo Friday – A Little Late

Oops, we’ve left something behind! Learning to row can be challenging. Twelve crappy flies go to Diane Early for providing both this “learner’s moment” and the photographic evidence.

Send your photos to C’mon folks, don’t be bashful!

Photo Friday

While we were broiling in summer’s heat, some in the Southern Hemisphere were “enjoying” the opening of brown trout season in Tasmania. Thanks to Rick Armstrong of Perth, Tasmania for submitting our first “Photo Friday” pic. Twelve crappy flies will be winging their way southbound.

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