Sand Bag Party!

Once again thanks to everyone that showed up to the “Last Annual Sand Bag Party” earlier this week.  We would especially like to thank Doug Mackaman for the use use of the Bobcat and his expert operating.  We reached our goal by filling 1500 sand bags loading 46 palets.

Now we have to wait and see what the river is going to do. Oh we would also like to thank Miller Brewing Company for making beer that can only be good after an afternoon of filling sand bags.  Thank God for bagged ice and coolers!

Caption Contest

Allrighty then… Give us your best shot and the winner will get some high quality Sweetwater schwag. Extra points will be given if you can name either or both of the motards in this picture.

Get Lost In Montana!

Our very own Lynn Donaldson talks about getting your eat on via the back roads of Montana in a recent Travel Montana campaign.

Caption Contest


Come up with the winning caption to this fine photo and we’ll send you 2 doz. crappy flies.

Blanco Honky

Just when we had given up on the Western MT Beer Fairy along comes Mr. Blanco Honky himself with a truck load of hi-octane hippy juice from Missoula. With our rejuvenated spirit and new found sense of tranquility we thought we should give a big Sweaty Waders bump to Blanco Honky. LINK

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