Peacok Bass in Brazil

One of the jobs as a guide and trip host is to deal with all the varying personality types out there.  Some clients are easy some are tough and some are just flat nuts.  But every now and then we are blessed with real gentle, kind and generous people.  Here at Sweaty Waders we would like to share a video of Charlie and a real gentleman Paul Lavins fishing this spring in Brazil.  Thanks for all the years of fun fishing Paul you’re the best!

Guide School Confidential: Ed The Bowler

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the greatness that is Ron Meek, and on rare occassions Ed the Bowler.  Ron has been one of the best things that as happened to Sweetwater Travel, logistics master, Dean of the Guide School and inventor of the San Ron Worm.  Your the best Rondo!

Ron Meek

Alaska Steelhead

Scott “Scooter”  Schumacher, Pete Eaves and the rest of their cheese eating crew  made their annual trip to Southeast Alaska for some Steelhead fishing.   Despite some low and clear water conditions the guys were able to catch quite a few Steelhead.

Oddly enough the guys were also able to make time for beer drinking and cheese eating.   All  said and done they had thirteen cases of Olympia, it’s the water you know, and 3 1/2 gallons of CheeZ WhiZ cheese spread.  Remarkably, they were able to eat that much cheese despite the fact that Pete dropped the wood spoon that they all shared to eat the cheese, in the pit toilet.  They are still unsure why he took the spoon to the toilet.  The rest of the week they were forced to use their fingers to get at the cheese spread.  The word on the street is that a couple members of the party shed tears when they realized their beloved wood spoon was gone.

Glad you made it home safe guys!  Thanks for the great photos Scooter.

PBR Guide Olympics

“World class competitors, Cory Koff and Pat Vermillion working on their Synchronized flotation routine for the PBR Olympics.  Good Luck Gents!”

Pre Game

Pre Bump

Perfect form

Road Trip

Best family vacation ever.  Wendy, Griffin Mae and Charlie on the Clearwater.  Thanks to Timm Rosenbach for the plush accommadations and the scoop on where to get the Steelies!

Preperation is the key to a successful trip

Kispiox Hog

Copper River Lodge guide Nick English hooked up with us in Smithers B.C. for a couple of days of steelheading before heading back to the States. After a fruitless day on the Bulkley Nick and girlfriend Kaylin decided to fish with us on the Kispiox. After being pointed in the direction of a couple of pools by Scott Schumacher, Nick landed this incredible buck measuring 45″ x 25″ with an estimated weight of 37lbs. HOLY CRAP!!

Nick English\'s 45\

Yes Ale, Very Gomo

My 10th year (1998-2008) in Mongolia and can’t wait to go back for more.  I’ve handled many 50″ plus fish over the years but I have never seen the elusive 60 incher.  But as things would go the newest guide in our staff Alejandro Bianchetti (head guide at Villa Maria, TDF) would land one in his second week guiding.  All I have to say is what a prick!!!!! Good job Ale and Grif Towle the angler of the year.  Hey Grif you should look happier your holding a 60 incher!!!!

Ale and Grif with 60 inches of Taimen

Grif and Taimen

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