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Fly ZoneHere at Sweetwater Fly Shop, we’ve got a fancy new website that we’re very proud of. In order to consolidate our efforts and make things more efficient, we’re now posting our blog posts directly to our website, instead of on this Sweaty Waders blog page. To see our most recent reviews, features, tips & techniques, etc…, click on the “Fly Zone” tab at the top of the new web page (or click here to go there directly). Please bookmark our site for future reference. Thanks!

Pete Gets It Done!

Our friend Pete Eaves sent us this photo of a sailfish that he caught on a recent trip to Costa Rica. If you can see it through the glare off of Pete’s legs. It wasn’t on the fly, and he wasn’t wearing waders, but it sure is a nice fish. Besides that, he swears that he was very sweaty, so we’ll let it slide. Way to go, Pete! And he also wanted us to point out his hat. Go Twins!

Day Off

Beau and I got out and did a little streamer fishing last Friday. The fishing was pretty slow, but not fruitless, as evidenced by this video. Any guesses where we were spending our day off?

Where Am I?

We’ve got ourselves a new video camera to play with here at the shop. I took it out to do a bit of test filming on one of our local rivers last weekend. Here’s a short sample. Do you know where I was fishing? A dozen crappy flies go to whoever gets it right. Specificity will be the tiebreaker.

Chasing Mahseer in India

I’m not a big “bucket list” guy, but last month I had the pleasure of catching a fish that was on my short list of must-catch freshwater fish.  The Mahseer, found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia the Indian Peninsula and into Pakistan, is one of the most interesting fish I have ever pursued.  Technically, the Mahseer is a carp and it may seem crazy to go half way around the world to chase a carp, but I found it the most fascinating fishing trip of my life.

Before we were able to wet a line in India, we spent four days touring this amazing country.  With 1.2 billion people occupying India, it was a site to behold.  Watching the way that people interact in the densely populated cities was mind blowing, but equaled by the incredible food and the historical architecture.  I have never been so impressed with a man made monument as I was with the Taj Mahal.

The fishing surpassed my expectations.  We were lucky enough to fish in two very different settings.  The first was the Ramganga River located in the Jim Corbett Tiger Preserve.   It was a smaller river with fair gradient but did have some slow pools where we were able to sight fish the cruising Mahseer.  Although the fishing was tough, the solitude, wildlife and incredible scenery made it a wonderful place to fish.  The second fishery was the Saryu River which boarders neighboring Nepal.  We floated this river and fished it for six days.  The Saryu did not offer the sight fishing that the Jim Corbett Tiger Preserve did but it was a far more productive fishery.  Since the Saryu is not in a Preserve it meanders through villages, terraced fields, Temples, and Ghats.

Getting the Mahseer profile shot we wanted was not easy.  I was dealing with a new camera and not a lot of fish.  In addition, the biggest fish of the trip was caught when I was a few miles upriver.  However, we have some great pictures to share and we hope you enjoy them.

By the way special thanks to Tim Phillips, Greg Strimple, Misty Dillon, and the Himalayan Outback; they are great travel companions, anglers and buddies.

Griz Peg Rosenbach!!

Congratulations to Timm Rosenbach, formerly guide extraordinaire for Sweetwater Fly Shop, on being named the new offensive coordinator for the University of Montana Grizzlies. We’re gonna miss you buddy!

This Is Fly #24 Bam!

Check out the latest issue of This Is Fly to see Sweetwater Fly Shop’s very own Mary A break rods while banging up Roosters in the Sea Of Cortez. Bam!

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