12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Sweaty Waders Style – Day 8

Give the Gift of Conservation

Trout depend on cold, clear, clean water to survive and thrive. In many, if not most, watersheds, those vital characteristics are constantly under threat. As anglers, we must remain vigilant if we wish our children and grandchildren to have the same (or better) fishing opportunities as we have enjoyed. Consider giving the gift of stewardship. Most anglers would appreciate a gift membership in a fisheries conservation organization or a donation made on their behalf.

430525_164447230333542_770104657_nTrout Unlimited is the most obvious choice for a national coldwater fisheries conservation organization. Give a gift membership. Membership includes a subscription to Trout magazine, an annual calendar, and membership in the nearest local chapter, which allows the recipient to participate in informational meetings and volunteer opportunities such as river cleanups. While you’re at it, get yourself a membership and plan to attend chapter events with the gift recipient. Is your

Not a fan of TU? There are a number of other organizations, both local and national, that focus either directly or indirectly on fisheries conservation. The International Federation of Fly Fishers, for example, has conservation as part of its mission. Do an internet search or ask other anglers, and you might turn up an organization that is fighting for the conservation of a local watershed or fish species.

NoPebbleMine_From Vector RGB.websitePrefer to make a donation in the recipient’s behalf? Again, there are numerous organizations that could use financial assistance, ranging from TU to the fight against the Pebble Mine in Alaska to local conservation groups. Choose one that the recipient would support and send them a card detailing the contribution and its intent. Give by giving back!

Listen Up! – Part 2

NPR2Check out the second installment of NPR’s series on climate change and Montana’s native trout – http://www.npr.org/2013/11/15/245051691/a-rancher-and-a-conservationist-forge-an-unlikely-alliance.

Listen Up!

Native TroutNational Public Radio’s Morning Edition began a series this morning on climate change and Montana’s native trout. If you missed it, you can listen to (or read) the first installment here: http://www.npr.org/2013/11/14/239246623/as-climate-warms-american-west-iconic-trout-in-jeopardy.

A Round of Applause

A big cheer goes out to the 150(!) intrepid souls who participated in the 9th annual Yellowstone River Clean-Up. You are the truly committed, who didn’t let the early start and lousy weather get in the way of your desire to help the river that you love. Hopefully, your clean-up day went better than mine, which included a flat trailer tire and the temporarily abandonment of our borrowed boat during the nasty storm that blew through (and upstream). Thank you, Steve Wilson. I owe you a boat wash and a new boat strap.

Working the Clean Up?

Certainly no one has missed me around the shop but I am happy to let everyone know that I am alive and well.   I have found myself quite busy the last couple weeks running jets boats in the effort to clean up after the Oil Spill on the Yellowstone.  As most of you know the oil was spilled well down river from our beloved trout fishery on the Yellowstone but the area around Billings needs quite a bit of attention.  So for the next week or so I will not be at the boat ramps in Paradise Valley but I will be likely be at the boat ramp at Duck Creek.

TU- Kids Fishing Camp

The Joe Brooks TU chapter had its annual Kids Fishing Camp. The day was led by instructor Matt Wilhelm who has the uncanny ability to take 17 kids and keep their interest all day. Also special thanks to all the volunteers Carlos Miera, James Anderson and Kerry Fee for organizing the event and filling our bellies with 5 star burgers and dogs. Also we congratulate the parents that signed their kids up and are willing to expose them to such a great past time as Fly Fishing. And of course the event would not have been possible without such a great venue for the kids to learn. So thanks to Lew & Jill Wilks for letting us use their facilities and ponds.

And most importantly thanks to the kids for coming and making it such a great event.

Calling All Anglers!

Calling all Anglers! Thursday night, June 16, 2011 at the Best Western Hotel in Livingston, MT is your opportunity to meet with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Fisheries Biologists about the fishing regulations for the next four years. Please attend. We want your feedback and suggestions. Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 7 p.m. at the Best Western Hotel in Livingston, MT.

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