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…of the new (Spring 2013) issue of Outside Bozeman magazine and turn to page 29. Sweetwater’s own multi-talented Beau Peavey cooks up a recipe for a juicy Spring streamer pattern, the Sweetwater Sculpin. Tie it yourself, or come in to the shop and grab a couple, hand-tied by Beau himself.

Alejandro Does it Again

When I went to fish in Tierra Del Fuego a few years ago I was lucky enough to fish with a great groups of guides.  Most notably Alejandro Bianchetti.    Now at the time it was clear to me the he had the knack for the big fish.  So we hired him to guide with us in Mongolia.  So what happened?  Of course in his second week of guiding one of his anglers caught a 60-inch Taimen.  No small feet considering there have only been two landed that big in 15 years of operation.

Well to make a long story short he did it again.  But this time in his home water of the Rio Grande.    Let me share what he wrote us in the email:

Hey guys,

Check out this pictures!  Last Friday, we had a couple of free hours and we went fishing before the warm up session with Ale and Agustin. And i caught this monster seatrout , 33,5 pounds (15,2 kilos) !!!!   my biggest fish ever and Villa Maria´s record ever!   the fish was 1,03 mts long by 62 girth, very very fresh female hard as a stone!
Just wanted to share this special moment with you guys!
All the best, keep in touch.

Congratulations Ale!!! And we look forward to the next installment.

Guess We Should Have Listened…

Our good buddy Jeffe sent us these shots to remind us of what dumb asses we were for not going to B.C. this year. Thanks buddy!

Jimmy James & Mrs. Brown

No, this is not another New Zealand porn shoot. This is local boy James Anderson and the giant brown he landed on the Yellowstone last week. While we were flailing around with bobbers and dry flies, James, in true John Holmes style, put the meat on the table. Fortunately for Mrs. Brown, James is a sensitive, noble angler and she was released unharmed. Congratulations, James!

More at Jame’s MDCH Blog.

Hey Joe’s House of Porn

After intercepting BHK’s first NZ field report of the new year we decided to send our very own Hey Joe Hyde down south to see if indeed NZ trout fishing doesn’t suck ass or if BHK had finally figured out how to use Photoshop…

Hey Dave, Brad says you’re looking for NZ fishing porn.  Here’s today’s catch!  It’s been pretty amazing so far….Brad knows his shit, and the fish (for the most part) have been accommodating.
Anyway, here’s some more pics, and we’ll send you the one of Brad’s 12 pounder tomorrow!

How are things in MT?


Mr. Magoo

A recently intercepted email from Sweaty Waders New Zealand field emissary BHK, who dispels the myth that trout fishing in NZ really sucks balls…

Before you look at the pictures I sent you guys, remember to keep your expectations low when you come and play in New Zealand!!

SO…. Repeat after me…. “one fish a day is good, and a 4 pound trout is a big fish”! Again…. “one fish a day is good, and a 4 pound trout is a big fish”!!…… O.K now you can look below:)

I had very memorable day today on a stream called Magoo creek. Pxx,Jxx and Jxxxx fished it with me three years ago. But this time I went much further up river. So far that I had a 3.5 hour return walk back to the car! I landed 23 fish up there today. I bet I spotted 60 trout or more.  Big guy’s were- 10 pound brown, a 7.25 brown, and a 7 pound rainbow. The rest were all nice bows around 2.5 to 5 pounds. I pulled two mice out of the ass of a smaller 4 pounder as well.

Yes we reccommend streamer fishing!
Congratulations to Eric “the Serbian” Paramore for his monster brown caught near Livingston on Tuesday.  Eric deifnes the term “hardcore angler” and earns all the big fish he catches. Good job Eric!!
*Note:  Our blog shows big fish being held by the people that catch them.

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