Coming to you from Livingston, Montana! Sweaty Waders is the blog of Sweetwater Travel, Sweetwater Fly Shop, our friends and guides. We are a group of aging fish guides who are trying to keep the faith and not turn fly fishing into snow boarding. We are not going to bring you movies about “Exploring” fisheries that have already been “Explored” or pretend our travels are better than yours, we won’t even pretend to be smart. We are in the end just fish guides who have wasted our college educations, made our Mom’s cry and built businesses that will continue to let us fish. In the process we have started the first fly fishing only Taimen operation in Mongolia (1995), the first fly fishing only Peacock operation in Brazil.  Members of the Sweaty Wader team were also instrumental in setting up the Panoi river camp in Russia and have guided in Argentina, Chile, Russia, French Polynesia, Brazil, Tahiti, Palmyra, Alaska, B.C. and Montana. We hope you like the blog and if you are ever in Livingston stop by the shop and hang out.