Farewell, Sweaty Waders. Hello, The Fly Zone (We’ve Moved)

Fly ZoneHere at Sweetwater Fly Shop, we’ve got a fancy new website that we’re very proud of. In order to consolidate our efforts and make things more efficient, we’re now posting our blog posts directly to our website, instead of on this Sweaty Waders blog page. To see our most recent reviews, features, tips & techniques, etc…, click on the “Fly Zone” tab at the top of the new web page (or click here to go there directly). Please bookmark our site for future reference. Thanks!

History Lesson

Are you a fly fishing history buff? If you are a fly angler, you should be. Learning a bit about the history of our sport adds a richness to the activity. Knowing how we got to where we are today will enhance your appreciation for our great sport.

Fly FishermanCheck out the fascinating article by Sweetwater Fly Shop’s own Paul Weamer in the latest issue of Fly Fisherman magazine. It traces the 100 year history of the Hendrickson fly, as well as the Catskill “school” of fly tying more generally. Yes, the Hendrickson is an eastern mayfly species that we don’t have here in Montana. But many of the flies that we fish here can trace their lineage to the style of fly tying that it influenced. Without the eastern fly-tying masters, the sport would not be what it is today, wherever we may fish.

Give it a read. We have copies of the magazine here in the shop if you’re not a subscriber.

Wile E. Coyote

The roads through Yellowstone National Park have been slowly opening over the last few weeks.  Today, only the road to Jackson, Wyoming remains closed.

My wife and I took a drive through the Park a week ago.  It’s really nice this time of year, without all the traffic that makes you feel rushed during peak season.  On our way out of the Park, we found this guy sitting beside the road.

Coyote 1

He sat there watching us for a while until he got bored.


Coyote 2

Then he slowly sauntered away.


wiley 2

It’s always cool to see a wild animal in his natural habitat, chasing his native prey.  I was really lucky to get this shot.



Absaroka Moonrise

Just a couple pics of the moon rising over the Absaroka Mountains last night, taken from my home’s front porch in Paradise Valley.

Moon 2

Just Starting


Moon 1


Moon 3

This one looks like the “All Seeing Eye” on Mordor from the Lord of the Rings.  Or maybe a giant Christmas tree with a star on top.