New Stuff #2 – Sage Rods

I’ve just been unpacking the box of rods that we received from Sage, and I must admit to having to wipe a bit of drool off of my chin a couple of times. We’ve restocked the usual suspects: The exceptional fast-action One, the slow-action Circa, ideal for the spring creeks, the TXL-F, great fun on small creeks, and the Accel, Sage’s new moderate-fast action rod. And for those starting out or on a budget, the Response and Approach. But we’ve also added a few new rods that we like a lot.

Sage-Rods-201342348-01First up is the ultrafast-action Method. This one is not for the faint of heart, either in appearance or in performance. The blank is a deep blood red (Sage calls it “magma”). And when they say ultra-fast, they mean it. In the hands of an experienced caster, this rod will boom out the casts, even in a stiff wind. It’ll handle big streamers and heavy nymph rigs with aplomb. It’s capable of producing loops about as tight as is humanly possible. And with the help of Sage’s Konnetic Technology, it’s incredibly light, especially for a rod this powerful. But it’s certainly not for everyone, or for every fishing situation. A less expert caster is going to make a mess of things. And it’s not going to be fit for fishing small dries on the spring creeks. But if you’re up to the task, you’ll amaze your friends with the monster casts that you can shoot out there.

SALT AngleDo you make an annual bonefishing pilgrimage to the Bahamas or the Keys? Have you been looking for the ultimate saltwater rod? Sage’s new Salt rod is a more than worthy candidate. Like the Method, it takes advantage of Konnetic Technology to fashion a rod that is exceptionally light but strong. Accuracy at distance is the name of the game for saltwater fishing, and the Salt fills the bill. But that distance must be achieved with a minimum of false casting, and the fast-loading Salt is capable of shooting line like no other rod you’ve tried. Like the Method, the Salt is not a rod for the less-experienced caster; it’ll tend to amplify casting faults. On the other hand, if you’ve already cut you teeth on the flats, the Salt could take your saltwater fishing to the next level. And it’s very pretty as well, sporting a deep blue color.

Sage-Motive-890-4-Angle-201342362What if you’re making your first trip to the salt? You don’t want a rod that’s going to cost you a fortune and that is going to be difficult to cast up to its potential. Take a hard look at Sage’s Motive. At $425, it’s about half the cost of the Salt. And it actually weighs the same as that rod. It has a medium-fast action, not as fast as the Salt, and will therefore be more forgiving. But it’s still a powerful, fast-loading rod that will be able to reach those distant feeding bones with a minimum of false casting. I loved casting this rod; you can really feel it load up in preparation to shoot a bunch of line. A bit lighter blue than the Salt, this rod’s also pretty snazzy in appearance.

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