Announcing Our 2nd Annual Short Video Contest!

Movie ProjectorDid you get some great fly fishing footage on the Go Pro this summer? Package it up into a short (5 minutes max) video and enter it in the contest. Fish porn? Humor? Scenic? We’ll accept all genres. Telling a good story will be weighted more heavily than production slickness. Extra props for including the Sweetwater Fly Shop logo somewhere in your video. All entries will be posted on the Sweaty Waders blog for the world to see. The Grand Prize? Well, we gave away a fly rod last year, so why not a reel this year? Let the editing begin! All entries must be received by midnight on December 31st, 2014. Amateurs only, please (if you got $50 for filming your cousin’s wedding, you’re still eligible). For details on how to submit your entry, just send us an email. Be creative and have fun!

For some inspiration, check out last year’s entries.

Rod Review: Echo 3

Echo 3Just finished casting the Echo 3 and I’ve gotta say: for 350 bucks it’s pretty impressive. As far as looks go, this is by far Echo’s most attractive rod. The wood reel seat looks like something you would see on an eight hundred dollar Winston or Sage rod and the ceramic guides are a nice, subtle touch. Echo describes the action of the 3 as “fast-ish” which is pretty spot on. It’s somewhere between medium-fast and fast, making it a great general purpose rod. My only real issue with the rod is that it’s a little bit heavier than I like. It may be a little tiresome to cast all day, as opposed to something a little lighter like the Sage Accel. Overall the Echo 3 is a very attractive rod that will cast just about any fly with ease and at a surprisingly low price, too. If a heavy rod doesn’t bother you, try out a 5 weight for a walk wading rod.