Rods of a Different Color – Part 1 – The Redington Butter Stick

Butter StickIt’s retro, but with a modern taper design. It’s yellow, like a fiberglass rod should be. It’s super soft, but with a bit of extra backbone in the butt section, in case you tie into a toad. It’ll make that foot-long small creek trout feel like a lunker. It’s not the right rod for everyone or everything. Don’t try to fight the Livingston area’s spring gusts with this little guy. And it’s not going to throw a big streamer or a heavy double-nymph rig. But if you’re doing some summer dry fly fishing on Mill or Hyalite Creeks, or even hitting the BWO or PMD hatches on one of the Paradise Valley spring creeks, this might be the rod for the day. Most of all, it’s fun to cast! Slow down your casting stroke, way down, and enjoy the silky smooth ride. With a double-taper or Rio Trout LT line, your fly will land like a feather. Get ready for the most relaxed day of fishing you’ve had in a long time. And it comes in at less than $250! Really, who can’t afford to add one to his or her quiver? We’ve got the 7’0″ 3-weight here at Sweetwater Fly Shop. Come in and give it a try on our back lawn. Then buy it and start planning your trip to the West Fork of the Boulder!