Pay to Play?

We recently had a customer relate a rather shocking anecdote about a member of our industry. Apparently, while visiting another Montana fly shop (not here in Livingston, thank goodness), he asked for a little advice about fishing an area river. The fly shop employee commenced to tell him that he wouldn’t get any information until after he had purchased something. That brings up a related question. Do you feel obligated to buy something at a shop in return for a river report or other advice, even if it’s just a fly or two? Is it tit-for-tat? Or do you sometimes stop in a shop for information with no intention of making even a small purchase?

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It’s just common courtesy to purchase something..anything from a shop if you’re going to stop for information.

I often try to avoid fly shops in general for that and several other unsavory attitudes (that’s a generalization – lots of helpful, knowledgeable, modest employees, too). For that reason, sometimes it’s easier to sneak in and out of a big-box outdoors store more easily. Or order online. To answer your question, I do try to purchase at least some small thing when I stop at a shop for information. But I’m not the big-ticket buyer, regardless.

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