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Sweetwater Fly Shop’s Blowout Bash – This Saturday (10-2)!

We know that you’ll probably want to be on the river this Saturday. But go out a little early or a little late and stop by our Blowout Bash customer appreciation event. Everything’s on sale for 20% off (with a few exceptions, of course). We’ll be serving up free burgers and brats. We’ll have manufacturer’s representatives in the store with schwag and demo gear for you to try, including a rod that’s so hot off the presses we’re not even allowed to tell you about it yet. There will be a casting golf “short course” and casting instruction for the kids. Don’t forget the door prizes. Great fun for all the family. We’ll be serving up the BBQ and fun from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Celebrate the kickoff of the Summer fishing season with us!

Contest Winners

We’ll declare 2 winners to our How Long Will It Last? contest, given what a strange Spring we’ve had. Our first winner is Julia, for guessing June 11th. The Yellowstone River actually went back up over 10,000 cfs on June 8th. Come on in to Sweetwater Fly Shop and pick up your 6 Salmonflies, Julia. Our second winner is RK, for guessing June 18th. That’s pretty close to the date when the river came back down for the second time, June 15th. It looks like you’re not a local, RK. Email us at with your address and we’ll send out a dozen crappy flies. Thanks for playing, everyone.

Trout Unlimited Kids’ Fishing Day

We had a great time yesterday at the Kids’ Fishing Day put on by the Joe Brooks Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We watched (and helped a little) as 13 kids learned to cast, tie flies, and fly fish. Check out this short video of my “fishing buddy” Erin catching (and releasing) her first fish on a fly rod. Kudos to the Joe Brooks chapter, Matt Wilhelm, Lou Wilks, and all of the volunteers who made this great event possible. And to the 13 new fly anglers and conservationists, welcome to our great sport!




Review: Nautilus FWX Fly Reels

The FWX reel from Nautilus is a new and improved version of their old FW reel.  Weighing in at nearly a half of an ounce lighter than its predecessor, this is the lightest machined aluminum disc drag reel available on today’s market.  The benefit of a lighter reel, is less fatigue after a long day on the water, making the next day that much more enjoyable.  This reel paired with a Sage One feels like holding a feather more than a fly rod.  The Nautilus FWX has a “Giga Arbor” in simple terms , its extra large, which makes line retrieval fast, I mean really fast, and also promotes fast drying time of line and backing.  Another simple, yet great idea from Nautilus is that on the back of the spools  they included what is essentially a dry erase board for writing what line is on your reel.  There is a little white tab that you can write on with Sharpie, when you change your line, simply wipe the old marker off with alcohol, and start all over.  It is simple to switch from left hand to right hand retrieve by accessing the one way clutch.  The one way clutch is housed in the TORQ-X housing, ensuring smooth start up inertia.  The reel is intended for fresh water, but is certainly safe to use in the salt as well.  I have personally been fishing this reel for over a year on my 5 wt. Sage One, and could not be happier with the overall performance and durability so far.

The FWX starts out at $265 for the 3/4 model, $275 for the 5/6 and $325 for the 7/8 model.  Spools are half of the cost of the reel.  This reel performs as well as reels in the $500 category, and as I said before, it is the lightest disc drag reel available.  We have them here at Sweetwater Fly Shop, if you want to see one in person, or ask more questions feel free to stop by or give us a call at 406-222-9393 and we would be glad to help.

Caption Contest

Time to get those creative juices flowing. Think beyond the obvious. The most creative caption wins a dozen crappy flies. Do we need a parental warning?

What’s Up With The Yellowstone?

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per secondHas it peaked already (on May 15th!)? Will it even go back up over 10,000 cfs again? Or is it going to remain fishable for the duration?

Around here, almost every conversation begins with, “what do you think’s gonna happen?” It’s causing more speculation than D. B. Cooper. Feel free to weigh in with some of your own hot air.