How Long Will It Last? Time for a Contest

Heading upward!

As our home river, the Yellowstone, reaches new heights every day, we find ourselves prognosticating about when we’ll be back on the water. How long will we be stuck in runoff purgatory, driving long distances in search of clearer rivers to fish? Waiting impatiently in the rigging line at the nearest tailwater? Paying our hard-earned cash for the opportunity to ply a spring creek or a private lake? Our guesses usually suck, so we’ll look to you out there for answers.

It’s time for our annual runoff contest. Last year we asked, How High Will It Go? This year, we’re going with a question that’s more important to our fishing lives. When will it end? We’ll set a somewhat arbitrary threshold. 10,000 cubic feet per second at the Carter’s Bridge gauge. That’s about the level when the truly intrepid will begin putting their boats back on the water. Not that you should, unless you’re quite good on the oars.

In the comments below, make your best guess of the date when the Yellowstone River will come back down to 10,000 cfs. The guess that’s closest to the actual day that the river first crosses that threshold is the winner.

What’s at stake? Well, blog bragging rights, for one. But we’ll really make it worth your while. We at Sweetwater Fly Shop will throw in half a dozen Salmon Flies (the imitation, not the real thing). If you’re in our area, they could come in handy this year. If you’ve got no use for the big bugs, we’ll substitute a dozen crappy flies from our bargain bin.

Vote early and vote often!

6 Comments so far

You will see 10,000 CFS at Carter’s on June 18.

June 20

10000 CFS on June 11

Hmm I am assuming our current low levels are not fair game. June 23 at 4:55 pm.

I think it will be June 21st

Um…. does that mean I win??? I underguessed, but I was…uh closest??? :)

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