Caption Contest

This week we are going with another caption contest in place of photo Friday, next week we will resume with user submitted photos, so keep them coming!  Write up a caption for Mrs. Pearl, our official shop greeter, and you could win 12 crappy flies from our shop!

Proud Husband.

On a recent trip to the Big Horn River, in Fort Smith, Montana, my wife decided it was time to give streamer stripping a try.  This was the first fish that she has ever landed on a streamer, I’d say that she started off on the right track!  For the rest of the trip when things started to slow down on dries or nymphs, she would reach for my Bank Robber, and start ripping streamers off the banks, I could not be any happier, she finally understands my obsession.

Photo Friday

You’re never too old for a grip and grin. Here’s Hal Webster still getting it done on Montana’s Smith River while in his 90’s.

Thanks to Bill Richardson for the photo. Twelve crappy flies are on their way. Help us keep Photo Fridays going. Send your pictures to Keep on fishing!

Gear Review: Fishpond Dakota carry on rod case

We all know what a pain it can be to transport fly fishing equipment.  The Fishpond Dakota carry on case is a must have for the angler on the go.  It is the best designed case on the market for someone that wants to bring multiple four piece rods, and reels with them on vacation, or just for convenient storage at home.

This case is constructed of rip-stop nylon so it is super durable.The bottom of the bag is waterproof, making it a handy case to carry in the boat with you.  The case comes with a nice padded shoulder strap, and also a carrying handle, so moving it through airports, and to the boat is convenient and easy.  Inside the case you will find padded dividers to carry up to four reels and spare spools.  There is a is a lidded compartment to carry up to four rods in their socks.  The case is rigid, so having your gear crushed is not going to be an issue.  The flap of the case has three interior pockets that are water resistant, making them good for storing keys, cell phones, airline tickets, and other important things you may take on vacation.  The inside of the bag is made of a soft fabric that is suitable for storing sun glasses in as well.  There is also three pockets on the exterior, which would be a good place to store spare lines, leaders, tippet material or whatever else you please.

If you enjoy traveling to pursue fishing, this case is made for you.  The convenience of having all of your gear in one easy to handle case is a luxury.  Stop in Sweetwater Fly Shop, or call if you need to learn more, or want to see what they are all about.

He’s a Big Boy Now

Congratulations go out to part-time assistant shop dog, Spumoni (don’t worry Pearl, your job is safe). At the tender young age of 2 years old, he’s finally figured out how to jump into the car on his own.

Way to go, Spumoni!

Coming Not-So-Soon to A Newsstand Near You

Chances are, most of you are more familiar with The Drake than with MORE Magazine. I’d never heard of it myself until recently. Turns out, it’s a magazine aimed toward women of the over-40 set. It features beauty and fitness tips, celebrity profiles, “mature” dating advice…. And in an upcoming edition, Sweetwater Fly Shop guide Tony V.

No, you won’t find “Tony V’s Top Ten Mascara Tricks.” (For Tony V’s approach to fashion, see our most recent Caption Contest). Instead, you’ll find an article about the writer’s recent fishing trip to Montana with her 80-year old father. They, and a photographer (and the photographer’s assistant, who seemed to have no role but to sit in the boat and watch the scenery go by) recently spent a couple of days with us, collecting material for the article.

But don’t believe everything you read (or see pictured). The writer (who’s also working on a novel) admitted that there’s likely to be some fiction sprinkled in. We’ll be on the edges of our seats to see what comes out in print.

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