Help Me Get My Mojo Back!

I’m not too proud to admit, I’m in a slump. Mind you, I’m catching fish. I just haven’t had a really good day of fishing in quite some time. Nor have I caught anything of brag-worthy size in at least a couple of months. I don’t think I’m doing anything terribly wrong. I go to the same spots and fish the same flies as others who’ve reported lights-out fishing. The result for me? Four or five small-to-medium trout. I don’t take bananas on the boat. It’s a mystery.

You’ve all been there at some point. How did you restore your fishing Karma? Is there some sort of ritual I should perform? Should I burn my “lucky” fishing hat? Should I make an offering to the fish gods? Best suggestion wins a dozen crappy flies. My fishing fate is in your hands.

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My suggestion is to change up something basic. Always wear a vest? Take a sling pack instead. Go ultra light, 1 small box o flies and a lanyard for a day.

I got my mojo back last year by going to my favorite tailwater 2 days after they reduced the flows to 500 cfs. Perhaps you can do the same?

Ahh The force has weeken in this one. A Jedi must remember to visualize the strike. Picture an enormous surface take. If a jedi can’t see it, it must have not have happend. As your eyes for fish grow big, so do the fish. You will find this for what you are looking for. Be the strong Jedi you know you are! Visualize.

Now I am a firm believer in fishing “karma” or “juju”. We all get into slumps, as a matter of fact before yesterday I was experiencing a mild one myself. Here’s a few things I do that seem to always help. Instead of burning your hat I just take it off, bring it with, but don’t wear it. And as soon as you release your first fish be sure to juju the bill with the tenants of water and trout slime. Second I take is time to wash my buff/sun sleeves/fly line anything I can think of. Third, with all the fancy flies in bins around the state that I love to use and create myself with tinsels flashy dubbing etc. I set those aside and go back to the basic old stuff that always works pheasant tails hares ears. Regular elk hair type stuff. Last but least go out with an open mind and the most important part HAVE FUN! don’t worry about the slump or you’ll never come out of it. This weekend on my way to holter dam I crossed a rattle snake in the road. My buddy and I proceeded to make it Friday nights appetizer with a stick and kept the rattle. Everytime we approached a good looking lane or anchored up to a rising head we gave the rattle a shake. I can guarantee that rattle will never leave my boat. It ended my slump. It may be juju or karma or it maybe the fact that we were out having fun.

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