Rod Review: Sage One

The Sage One, is meant to be a quiver of one, and I believe that it truly is.  When you pick up the “ONE” the first thing you will notice is how light they are, We tested the 590-4, which weighs in at 2 3/4 ounces.  Sages generation 5 technology is coined “Konnetic Technology”.  They have taken carbon fibers and compacted them in a linear manner down the length of the rod, as a result there is no other rod on the market with as much torsional stability.  What does this mean in fishing talk?  The most accurate rod made to date.  When a rod can not twist or move move laterally, you are left with a precision casting instrument.  Upon first feel, picking the rod up off of a rack, you may think it is supremely fast.  When the rod has a reel and line on it, it feels entirely different.  They have designed the rod to have a “sweet spot”, to assist anglers with varying casting styles and ability.  Because of the “Konnetic Technology” the rod provides immense feed back while the angler is casting.  The rod is so sensitive that you are able to feel what the line is doing during the cast, and the “sweet spot” allows anglers time to make micro adjustments mid cast, so the cast lands where you want it.

We tested the One with a Rio Grand 5 weight, as well as Rio Gold 5 and 6 weights.  I believe it performed better with a heavier line, the gold 5 was a little too light.  The Grand 5 worked very well, but if you are looking to present small dries delicately than the Gold 6 was the way to go.  If fishing large dries, streamers and nymphing are what you are intending to do, then the Grand is the way to go.  The grand helped the rod load better on 15-25 foot casts than the Gold did.  After 25 feet the lines were very comparable in performance for loading the rod.

Stop by Sweetwater if you have the desire to learn a little more about the One, and we do have demo models if you wish to try one out.  Until next time, tight lines.

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excellent narrative exciting informative and clear crisp pictures too..continued sucess looking foward to the next ‘episode’

I have a “ONE” 8wt, and have used it for ‘Bones in the Bahamas, and Carp here in the Midwest. Great casting, lots of backbone too. Heading to the Paradise Valley on Sunday and will have to try some big streamers for those lovely big Browns, and maybe some of those ‘deep piggy’s’in the moss, up on the MO. Can’t wait !

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