Photo Friday

There’s a new version of the hopper-dropper that’s really been slaying ‘em around here. We like it best in pink.

Thanks to papa Dennis Alverson for sending us this cute picture. Pick out your twelve crappy flies the next time you’re in the shop.

Send your photos to C’mon folks, don’t be bashful. We want to see evidence of the big fish you’ve caught, your “oh, crap” moments, the beautiful scenery you’ve encountered, or just about anything you’ve photographed, for that matter.

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Dear Annamarie: Please think carefully about what you’re sanyig. Re-read what you wrote – carefully – and as you do, utter this name to yourself: Rwanda. I’m afraid you’re fatally wrong if you really believe that having Human Rights Watch and the Red Cross tell the world embarassing stories about genocidaires will somehow suffice. I have read Bello’s piece before. It is pathetic. Who decides? The United Nations, thanks in no small part to Canada’s recent contributions, is developing the capacity to decide when and where intervention is necessary and possible through what is known as the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. I am certainly not an “expert” in these things. I don’t pretend that these matters are ever straightforward, perhaps especially when the Americans are involved. But I would also ask you not to pretend that there is anything progressive, humanitarian, or even vaguely civilized about watching civilians get slaughtered, but doing nothing about it, merely because we might find the act of making common cause with the Yanks to be “objectionable.” One of the most sensible journalists writing about these kinds of things from a “left” perspective is David Aaronovitch, a Brit, who I greatly admire. I will leave him with the last word on the subject. He was addressing the question of whether to unseat the blood-drenched regime of Saddam Hussein: “In 1972, a neo-genocide by Pakistan in what is now Bangladesh was stopped by the unilateral intervention of India. Pol Pot was ousted by the Vietnamese in 1979, though the UN continued to recognise the Khmer Rouge leadership. Idi Amin’s rule in Uganda was brought to an end by Tanzanian intervention. None of these appalling situations was resolved by the UN or the international legal system. . . The Iraqi people, however, can’t shift their tyrant on their own. Again, it would be preferable if an invasion could be undertaken, not by the Americans, but by, say, the Nelson Mandela International Peace Force, spearheaded by the Rowan Williams British Brigade. That’s not on offer. It has to be the Yanks.”

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