Holy Carp!

Want to mix it up from trout a little bit?  Maybe it is time for you to try some Carp fishing.  Carp angling on the fly is a growing sport in the United States.  It is hard to convince die hard trout fishermen to commit to a day of “carping” but every one I have taken has wanted to back for more.  Most of my personal Carp fishing has been on Canyon Ferry Lake, and the Missouri River directly below the Toston Dam. Carp are very weary fish, and it is a spot and stalk style of fishing, so treading lightly, and moving slowly are important aspects of Carp fishing.  Bright, sunny days in which you can see into the water are preferred, so next day you feel it is to hot and sunny to trout fish, maybe give Carp a try.  Typically fished on wet flies, Carp will eat dries, and it is my preferred method of fishing for them when the opportunity presents itself.  Carp can be very large (over 20 lbs) but the typical carp we are catching range from 4 to 10 lbs.  A 6 wt is perfect for handling these fish.  It is good to have at least 100 yards of backing on your reel, as they can have some screaming runs.  The best comparison to Carp fishing is freshwater bone fish.  They may not be beautiful to all, but next day you feel defeated by trout, find your local Carp hole and give it a shot.

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Excellent carp fishing can be found in many different types of water I agree with Beau. Many locate rivers to supply some of the most challenging, but rewarding, fishing. Carp are known to vary their feeding habits needy upon the climate at any given time, wind direction, temperate and phases of the moon are common factors which affect the feeding habits of carp. I will apply all you tips in every time I go for fishing in Myrtle Beach. I will bring dries bait to catch more Carp.

I agree. Carp fishing is a rush. I fish a southern Michigan river called the Thornapple. I normally fish for smallmouth and rock bass on the Thornapple, but there are several species of carp in the river.

Here’s some of the flies I make and use:


Excellent trip report! I will be in Skye Satruday but not fishing unfortunately

my fishing blog:http://www.fishingfeeling.com

Excellent trip report! I will be in Skye Satruday but not fishing unfortunately

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