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The cool weather this week has given us a bit of a reprieve on runoff for the moment. For that reason (and, frankly, because we didn’t get many guesses yet), we’ve decided to extend the deadline for our How High Will It Go? contest to this Friday, June 1st. C’mon people, make a guess about how high the Yellowstone will peak this runoff season. Think of the glory and fame that will come to you as a winner of one of Sweaty Waders’ world-famous contests. Not to mention the dozen crappy Salmonflies.

We’ll also soon be crowning a winner of our most recent caption contest. You get to be creative and make fun of Charlie; what could be better?

Dirty River Bash A Winner

"I wuv my new wod"

Fun was had by all at the 4th Annual Dirty River Guide Bash held at Livingston’s Rib and Chop House last Tuesday. Some had a little too much fun; we won’t mention any names, but our shop was notably without a storefront manager on Wednesday (there was an alternate story, but…). Sweetwater Travel’s Scott Schumacher was especially pleased with the event; he took home one of the grand prizes – a new Hardy Zenith rod donated by the Yellowstone Angler. Congratulations also to Will Lassiter, who won the Scott S4 rod that we at Sweetwater Fly Shop added to the mix.

Thanks go out to Ryan Sones and the crew at the Rib and Chop House for the venue, piles of crayfish, and copious beer, and to all of the local businesses and artists who donated swag for the raffle!

4th Annual Dirty River Guide Bash – Tonight!

4th Annual Dirty River Guide Bash

When: Tuesday, May 22 at 6 p.m.

Where: Montana’s Rib & Chop House, 305 East Park Street, Livingston

First off, thanks to everyone who made previous Dirty River Guide Bashes the talk of Southwest Montana. Last year 49 guides and outfitters attended and I expect even a bigger turn out this year. It could not have been done without the many local shops, businesses, and fishing reps making the party a success, so thanks again! Support was huge from local fly shops and industry affiliates. As most of you know, anglers provide a strong component to our local economy and guides are the ambassadors of many of our regions businesses.  All donations went to say thanks to the guys and gals who matter most in the fishing world… the guides.

Just like last year the Chop House will provide staffing, food, beer and the place to party for all guides, outfitters and shop folk. Like previous years, a raffle will be held for the guides featuring donated goods from local businesses. Also there will be some stuff for everyone and the first 50 guides will get a free grab bag of goodies as well.

Again please remember our primary goal is to acknowledge the guides and those in the fishing industry that are so important to our local community’s economy. The event is free to all guides, outfitters & shop employees.  Shop employees get free food & beer, not eligible for the raffle items. Feel free to bring along your significant other, but they are not eligible for the free food, beer and raffle items. Thanks for your time and hope to see you there.


Ryan Sones

General Manager

Montana’s Rib & Chop House

How High Will It Go? – A Contest

Well, it appears that runoff is here for real on the Yellowstone River. So we thought we’d have a little contest. Guess how high the Yellowstone will peak this year (in cfs, as reported by the gauge at Carter’s Bridge). Winner gets a dozen crappy Salmonflies, which you might actually get a chance to fish on the Yellowstone this year. We’re playing by “Price is Right” rules here; closest guess wins, but if you guess too high, you’re a loser. To be eligible, your guess must be in by May 26th.

Chasing Mahseer in India

I’m not a big “bucket list” guy, but last month I had the pleasure of catching a fish that was on my short list of must-catch freshwater fish.  The Mahseer, found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia the Indian Peninsula and into Pakistan, is one of the most interesting fish I have ever pursued.  Technically, the Mahseer is a carp and it may seem crazy to go half way around the world to chase a carp, but I found it the most fascinating fishing trip of my life.

Before we were able to wet a line in India, we spent four days touring this amazing country.  With 1.2 billion people occupying India, it was a site to behold.  Watching the way that people interact in the densely populated cities was mind blowing, but equaled by the incredible food and the historical architecture.  I have never been so impressed with a man made monument as I was with the Taj Mahal.

The fishing surpassed my expectations.  We were lucky enough to fish in two very different settings.  The first was the Ramganga River located in the Jim Corbett Tiger Preserve.   It was a smaller river with fair gradient but did have some slow pools where we were able to sight fish the cruising Mahseer.  Although the fishing was tough, the solitude, wildlife and incredible scenery made it a wonderful place to fish.  The second fishery was the Saryu River which boarders neighboring Nepal.  We floated this river and fished it for six days.  The Saryu did not offer the sight fishing that the Jim Corbett Tiger Preserve did but it was a far more productive fishery.  Since the Saryu is not in a Preserve it meanders through villages, terraced fields, Temples, and Ghats.

Getting the Mahseer profile shot we wanted was not easy.  I was dealing with a new camera and not a lot of fish.  In addition, the biggest fish of the trip was caught when I was a few miles upriver.  However, we have some great pictures to share and we hope you enjoy them.

By the way special thanks to Tim Phillips, Greg Strimple, Misty Dillon, and the Himalayan Outback; they are great travel companions, anglers and buddies.

Guide School Chronicles – Part 2

Gotta love Montana Spring fishing! The weather can sometimes make you doubt your sanity. But the fishing doesn’t always suffer as much as your hands and feet do.

Braving the Elements








The Payoff