Film Star

Uber-guide Brant Oswald recently found himself behind the lens as the subject of one of the films entered into the Simms Ice Out Shoot Out. Check out his 5 and a half minutes of stardom. Few can say that they’ve been smacked in the face by the hookset of one of the sport’s masters.

Floating is Fun!

Caption Contest

What kind of horrendous accident befell Charlie on his recent trip to India? Chances are, your guess isn’t any stranger than the truth.

Best caption wins 12 crappy flies.

Guide School Chronicles – Part 1

I spent last week hanging out with 11 other guide wannabes at Sweetwater Travel’s guide school. It was an enlightening, and sometimes humbling, experience. The school was held down on the lower Yellowstone River, near Big Timber. It was a blast to hang out with a group of fellow fly fishing crazies; their passion and enthusiasm for fishing was inspiring. So was their passion and enthusiasm for drinking beer. Those youngsters, and even the one student who was older than myself, made me wish I held stock in the major beer manufacturers. To my fellow students, I apologize for being a bit of a curmudgeon. Us old guys get a little cranky when we’re woken from our sweet dreams.

I had a few flashbacks to my summer camp days. Awkward conversations with your roomie. Uncertain relations with the camp counselors (instructors). The exchanges of contact information and promises to keep in touch. The pang of loss when it’s all over. We didn’t make any God’s Eyes, nor did we go horseback riding, but a snowman was constructed.

More to come, and hopefully some pictures…