Be Careful What You Wish For…

This Christmas, we learned the hard way the importance of enunciation. While sitting on Santa’s knee, we asked him for a guide to dancing and a Buff. The Big Guy must have misheard in the worst way. When we looked under the shop Christmas tree on Sunday morning, we found quite the nasty surprise.

May your New Year be filled with feisty fish and happy surprises!

Holiday Cheer

Spent the other night schmoozing at the holiday party of our friendly local wader manufacturer. Good fun and 3 drink tickets were had by all. The event was held in their soon-to-be (fall 2012) new digs. More like an empty warehouse than a world headquarters at this point. Rumors were squelched; there’ll be no retail outlet in the new building (if you believe the Big Cheese himself). A few loud sighs of relief were heard to emanate from us fly shop guys. Surreal moment of the night – being called a “hipster” by the Big Cheese’s wife. A nattily dressed Turd Ferguson was spotted working the crowd, perhaps drumming up funding for his next cable special, “I Catch More Fish in a Day than You’ll Catch in Your Life.”

The more things change…

There’s a new face around the shop (mine). As a newbie to the business (in more ways than one), I’ll be occasionally adding my perspective to the mix. Whether you want it or not.

Stay tuned….