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“Check? Who brought what check?” Just another day in the life of Betty DePuy, forever captured by one of the world’s hardest working guides, Aaron Hansen. Them’s some serious camera skills, Arronn.

12 more crappy flies to the person who comes up with the best caption!

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She who smelt it dealt it.

This is a public service announcement that suncreen works on the face as well as the rest of your body.

Oh boy- the old “lets see what happens when I put pickle juice in someones coffee” trick. Now that’s worth 12 chubbys

Just sign on the dotted, and it’s official, you’re a rodeo clown!

Just sign on the dotted line, and it’s official, you’re a rodeo clown!

Elron, will you tell Chaz to quit staring at my sunburn.

Digitally re-mastered scene from the Wizard of Oz…”We represent the lolly pop kids, the lolly pop kids,………and we would like to welcome you to munchkin land!”

she budged…. aaagain

“How was your meeting, Mr. Lewbowski?”
“Okay, the old man told me to take any rug in the house.”

You think I’m lying? I swear the old man in the painting on the wall is making that rocking chair move.

Did you see the size of that COON?

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