Working the Clean Up?

Certainly no one has missed me around the shop but I am happy to let everyone know that I am alive and well.   I have found myself quite busy the last couple weeks running jets boats in the effort to clean up after the Oil Spill on the Yellowstone.  As most of you know the oil was spilled well down river from our beloved trout fishery on the Yellowstone but the area around Billings needs quite a bit of attention.  So for the next week or so I will not be at the boat ramps in Paradise Valley but I will be likely be at the boat ramp at Duck Creek.

Caption Contest

“Check? Who brought what check?” Just another day in the life of Betty DePuy, forever captured by one of the world’s hardest working guides, Aaron Hansen. Them’s some serious camera skills, Arronn.

12 more crappy flies to the person who comes up with the best caption!

Eagle Mount Fishng Day

Fishing is fun especially when you are with anglers as enthusiastic as the kids from Eagle Mount, which is a non-profit in Bozeman that provides recreational opportunities for kids with disabilities.  Leslie Dominick Activities Coordinator at Eagle Mount and her husband ace fishing guide Stuart invited a few of us to help with the fishing program last week.  So with Will Lassiter, Tom Harms, Sotoshi Yomomoto and Franklin Coles,  I was able to spend the day fishing with a great group of up and coming anglers.

Thanks Stuart and Leslie .

Japanese Itou

As we look forward to our upcoming Mongolia  Taimen season starting in September it is great to know that someone has been skating flies for these monsters.  Thanks to Mark Weeks for sharing this awesome skater caught Itou from Hokkaido Japan.  In classic fashion Mark (the world’s greatest guide client)  rose this monster three times only to leave town and allow his guide to catch him the next day.  You’re the man Mark!

Thanks for the photos Mark and see you in Mongolia!