Yellowstone Video

Once again it is Kerry Fee, Mr. #2 at the Joe Brooks TU that brought this great film to our attention.   Mike Kasic gives us an up close look at our beloved Yellowstone river.  From the Lake to Livingston it is a one of a kind perspective.

Enjoy the film and remember Mike is half fish so don’t try this as home or on the River!!!!

Satoshi Yamamoto…..Inspiration.

For all of you that attended the 2011 Simms Iceout there is no doubt that you know Satoshi Yamamoto.  Satoshi was the Grand Champion in the fly tying exhibition in Bozeman. His award winning fly, The Coyote, was a hands down favorite with the judges and quickly elevated Satoshi in the fly tying world.

Satoshi is also a Sweetwater Travel Guide School graduate and future Fly Guide.   For those of you that know Satoshi know that he is dedicated to his craft and wants to be the best he can be. Therefore over the last few weeks Satoshi has been giving it is all to spend as much time on the Yellowstone as he can, to become one with his new RO Drift Boat and learn the nuances of the finicky river.

Before he had to return to his day job Satoshi sent me an email that should provide inspriration to anyone wanting to excell in their profession, hobby or craft. Right on Satoshi and we’ll see you in July!

“Hi Charlie, I put 20 miles on both my boat and bicycle in 4 days. Not bad for self-shuttling. My investment (bicycle $80 + chain $10) seems paid off as a shuttle. See you in July. “- Satoshi

Guide School Confidential: Ed The Bowler

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the greatness that is Ron Meek, and on rare occassions Ed the Bowler.  Ron has been one of the best things that as happened to Sweetwater Travel, logistics master, Dean of the Guide School and inventor of the San Ron Worm.  Your the best Rondo!

Ron Meek

King Salmon in Chile

For those of you that are fishing guides it pretty obvious what you do in the off season. Yes indeed you find warmer climates so you can fish. Well our main man Bayaraa Bayarsaikhan, Mongolias first fly fishing guide did the same ending up in Chile for some King Salmon fishing. Big Fish Bayraa just can’t get enough of those big fish.

Thanks for the photos Bayaraa and we look forward to working with you again this year in Mongolia.

Pat Vermillion……Ladies Man?

At Sweaty Waders we don’t only try to keep you posted on current events and fly fishing tips but we aren’t afraid to help with dating tips as well.  That is why we are happy to finally disclose one of  Pat’s best tips.  We always heard the stories but we finally have proof as to why our own Pat Vermillion was such a ladies man in College.  Thanks to his former College roommate, who will remain nameless (John), for finally releasing this great video of Pat in College!

Alaska Steelhead

Scott “Scooter”  Schumacher, Pete Eaves and the rest of their cheese eating crew  made their annual trip to Southeast Alaska for some Steelhead fishing.   Despite some low and clear water conditions the guys were able to catch quite a few Steelhead.

Oddly enough the guys were also able to make time for beer drinking and cheese eating.   All  said and done they had thirteen cases of Olympia, it’s the water you know, and 3 1/2 gallons of CheeZ WhiZ cheese spread.  Remarkably, they were able to eat that much cheese despite the fact that Pete dropped the wood spoon that they all shared to eat the cheese, in the pit toilet.  They are still unsure why he took the spoon to the toilet.  The rest of the week they were forced to use their fingers to get at the cheese spread.  The word on the street is that a couple members of the party shed tears when they realized their beloved wood spoon was gone.

Glad you made it home safe guys!  Thanks for the great photos Scooter.

Close Call for Vice-Chair Vermillion
Commissioner Vermillion was run through the ringer last week first losing his seat and then regaining it, in what turned out to be a political showdown in Helena.  Check out these articles as reported by the Billings Gazette to catch up on the story:
Part 1:

Senate denies Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commissioner Dan Vermillion a second term

April 26, 2011

In what was mainly a party-line vote, Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commissioner Dan Vermillion of Livingston was denied a second term on a 24-26 vote by the Senate on Tuesday.

Vermillion, vice chairman of the commission, represented District 2 in southwestern Montana.

On the same day, by a 44-6 vote, the Senate approved A.T. “Rusty” Stafne, of Wolf Point, to a four-year term on the commisison. He will replace Willie Doll as the District 4 commissioner for northeastern Montana. The five commissioners are recommended for the position by the governor.

In an email to sportsmen, Ben Lamb of the Montana Wildlife Federation, wrote, “The vote against Dan is the cap on what has been one of the most blatant assaults on the North American Model. Dan became the last pound of flesh that those who came to this Legislature to privatize our public resource were able to carve off. This vote, as political as it was, truly reflects the lack of understanding about both the commission’s job, and Dan Vermillion as a person. No one on the commission has worked as hard as Dan to reduce conflict between hunters, anglers, landowners and outfitters. No one has been as forward thinking in elk management as Dan has, and no one has been as approachable, humble, and honest as Dan.”

Sportsmen had been encouraged to lobby in support of Vermillion, but some Yellowstone County residents had reservations because of his support for more restrictive catch-and-release restrictions for trout on the Yellowstone River.

Vermillion, a former Billings attorney, runs Sweetwater Travel Co. in Livingston with his two brothers. The business matches anglers to fishing lodges around the world. A well-known fly-fishing guide, Vermillion taught President Barack Obama to fly fish during his trip to Montana.

Check out the article on line.

Part 2:

Senate turnaround confirms wildlife appointee

HELENA — The Senate renewed the term of the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission’s vice chairman after refusing his appointment at the beginning of the week.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer over the winter reappointed Dan Vermillion, a fishing guide from Livingston who taught President Barack Obama how to fly-fish.

Lawmakers on Thursday accepted Vermillion’s appointment on a 27-23 vote on their last day.

Those opposing the appointment vented plenty of anger at the department.

Several senators say they will oppose any reconfirmation bid to the commission because they believe the department has been poorly run.

Supporters of Vermillion’s confirmation said he works to resolve some of the conflict around the department.

The commission is comprised of representatives from five geographical districts who are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

Check out the article on line.

Congratulations Dan and keep up the good work on the Commission.

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