A portly Turd Ferguson was recently spotted flaunting his musical talents on American Idol with Idol jazzman Casey Abrams. The flyfishing masters duet with Abrams brought the crowd to its feet on the season finale. We can’t wait to see what Turd will do next. Stay Tuned!!!!

Snow Pack

For those of you that have been watching the snow pack closely in Yellowstone Country the good news is we will have great hopper fishing in August.  The bad news is that we still have to get through what is to come in June.  Check out the photos sent to us by Zach Pleshar.  The two shots were taken a year apart to the day in the same location from different angles near Cooke City, Montana.  Yowzer!

May 2011

May 2010

Red Hot Roosters in Baja

Ever since the Beatooth Boys introduced us to the Baja-Anglers fishing report we periodically check in to see how the fishing is.  Well to say the least it seems that the area around Cabo has been on fire.  When a reputable outfitter with 20 years of experience claims its been the best week he has ever seen we pay attention.  One can only imagine what it would be like to see 1000 Roosters in one day.

Enjoy the shots and check the Baja-Anglers fishing report.  Thanks guys, we’ll get down ther someday.

Scott Schumaker: Big Chair or Little Hands?

Although Sweaty Waders likes to keep our journalism light and on the funny side. We are also not afraid to tackle the tough story.  After confidentially receiving this photo (from Pete Eaves)  it has been brought to our attention that perhaps all the big fish pictures that we have been showing on Sweaty Waders of Scotty weren’t big fish after all!!!

If any of our readers have any information on this developing story please let us know.  Any of those comments that lead to any type of real evidence the nark gets 13crappy flies.

Dirty Water Bash!

Thanks to Ryan Sones and the folks at the Montana’s Rib and Chop House for once again openings their doors for the guide/ shop employee dirty water bash. We’ll see you all there.

What: 3rd Annual Dirty River Guide Bash

When: Monday, May 23 at 6 p.m.

Where:  Montana’s Rib & Chop House, 305 East Park Street, Livingston

First off, thanks to everyone who made previous Dirty River Guide Bashes the talk of Southwest Montana.   Last year 59 guides and outfitter attended and I expect even a bigger turn out this year.  It could not have been done without the many local businesses, and fishing reps making the party a success, so thanks again!  Support was huge from local fly shops and industry affiliates.  As most of you know, anglers provide a strong component to our local economy and guides are the ambassadors of our regions business.  All donations went to say thanks to the guys and gals who matter most in the fishing world…the guides.

Just like last year the Chop House will provide staffing, food, beer and the place to party for all guides, outfitters and shop folk.  Like previous years, raffle will be held for the guides featuring donated goods from local businesses.  Also there will be some stuff for everyone and the first 50 guides will get a free grab bag of goodies as well.

Finally please remember our primary goal is to acknowledge the guides and those in the fishing industry that are so important to our local communities economy.  The event is free to all guides, outfitters and shop employees.  Shop employees get free food and beer, and only guides are eligible for raffle items.  Feel free to bring along your significant other, but they are not eligilbe for free food, beer or raffle items.  Thanks for your time and we hope to see you there.


Ryan Sones

General Manager

Montana’s Rib and Chop House

Yellowstone Snowpack Update

Here at Sweaty Waders we are all watching with great interest how this years massive snowpack will effect the Yellowstone River this summer.    Sweaty Waders and the Yellowstone River Report will keep you posted over the next month.  Our first installation of the Yellowstone Snowpack Update is an article from the Billings Gazette.

Big, late snowpack ready to melt

Snowpack in the mountains that feed the upper Yellowstone River basin on Tuesday held more water for this late in the year than any other year in recorded history.

Thanks to this week’s soggy storm system, 2011 surpassed 1997, the last major flood year in the basin, said Brian Domonkos, water supply specialist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The storm added as much as 1.6 inches of meltwater in some places, he said.

Overall snowpack is still not as high as the all-time deepest pack in 1997, he said, but the melt started a little earlier that year.

Meltwater this year is finally ready to come out, three to four weeks after it normally begins hitting Montana rivers and streams.

“It started to melt May 2 on the upper Yellowstone,” Domonkos said.

But a return of freezing temperatures above 7,000 feet halted the process. It is expected to regain momentum as temperatures warm this week, said Joe Lester, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Billings.

“We need it to melt,” Lester said. “The longer it stays on, the more problems we have.”

Warming will be moderate — 60s and 70s at lower elevations — meaning it will probably still freeze at night at higher elevations, he said. That could make for a nonthreatening, gradual melt.

“The worst case would be a lot of rain on the snow,” he said. “We’re not seeing that in the forecast. Or warming up really fast. I don’t see us warming up to the 80s and 90s, which sometimes happens this time of year.”

Domonkos said snowpack began turning statewide on Thursday. That’s the point when it reached the isothermal stage, meaning that the pack had achieved a uniform temperature in preparation for melting.

Normally, the pack starts melting first on the west side of the state, but this year the Yellowstone’s pack — late as it was — began melting a few days earlier.

Before the recent storm shut off the spigot, about 1.5 inches of meltwater had come down from the upper Yellowstone basin. Another 25.5 inches remains, Domonkos said. The upper Yellowstone is the stretch of river between Yellowstone National Park and Custer. About 5 percent of the meltwater in the lower Yellowstone basin melted during the same time.

The Musselshell basin lost about 1.5 inches, or 11 percent, of the 14 inches of meltwater holed up in the pack.

Earlier this month, NRCS released its May-through-July streamflow forecast, predicting streamflows statewide at 149 percent of average — 154 percent west of the Divide and 146 percent east of the Divide.

Forecast for the upper Yellowstone was 142 percent of average, and the lower Yellowstone was forecast at 138 percent of average.

The Smith-Judith-Musselshell was forecast for 178 percent of average.

Snowpack in some areas Tuesday stood at more than twice average amounts for this time of year. Domonkos said those figures were high partly because the snow has hung on so late in the spring. They do not reflect peak seasonal snowpack.

The upper Yellowstone, for instance, had 158 percent of its normal snowpack for May 10, but the basin’s peak snowpack for the season was 138 percent of its average peak.

Charlie Vermillion’s Birthday Fishing Derby!

Last Sunday was the first annual Charlie Vermillion Birthday Fishing Derby.  Charlie’s grandparents let them hold the event on their top secret ponds somewhere in Montana.  The kids all had a great time and were well behaved.  In fact all the kids that came with their Mothers got to fish quite a bit, but those that came with their Fathers rarely got to see any fishing action.  Way to go Dad’s….. show those kids how to share!

Congratulations to Phoebe Alverson for landing the Derby winning Rainbow.  Enjoy the photo and Happy 5th Charlie V!

Phoebe Gives Her Rainbow a High-five!

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