Rosy Pontificates in Outside Bozeman

More than jut a pretty face our own Timm Rosenbach has an article featured in the, Outside Bozeman Journal, Spring 2011 edition.    Coaches no nonsense approach to choosing flies on the Yellowstone is a must read for anglers of all skill levels.   In addition coach happens to give Sweetwater some props as well.  Thanks Coach!

Check out Timms article.   Go to Flies

Also check out Timm’s profile on our website. Timm Rosenbach/Bio

Thanks Bridger Bowl

Like the ocean’s tides, seasons and birthday’s, life has certain rhythm that accompanies us all.  For those of us that ski, the opening day at Bridger is like a Birthday and Christmas wrapped up in one.  However the closing of the hill leaves one with an empty feeling that is hard to explain.  Its impact is somewhere between losing a pet and finishing a case of beer.  Either way there’s a feeling of loss that will sting awhile.  But after the hurt is gone there will be the memories of all the great experiences.

This year was great because Wendy and I were able to get a chance to spend a lot of time skiing with Griffin.  Thanks to her instructors, the lifties, patrollers and bartenders for all the great service.  Bridger is not only a great mountain with wonderful terrain, it has Americas highest per-capita population of generous and kind people.  Thanks one and all!!

On the bright side there is no longer the torment of Spring where you struggle between going to the hill or hitting the river.  It’s simple now, I guess we’ll just have to go fishing.

Griffin Mae

Wendy Mae

Ricky Mae.

Ski you next year!

Spring Guide School

Last week Sweetwater Travel completed the third week of the spring Guide School.  The first two weeks of the class were held on the Bighorn River and the last week was on the Yellowstone.  All that attended not only came away with a lot of knowledge about our craft but had a good time to boot.  The success of the class is no doubt due to the broad shoulders, worldly knowledge and the zen like teaching skills of the Dean of the School, Professor Ron Meek.  When asked about the School Ron Meek replied with a tear in his eye, “those were the best three weeks of my life, I love those guys!”

Ron can’t take all the credit though.  He has the best crew of instructors in the business.  Primarily Jumpin Joe Hyde and Brad “Sparky” Kastner.  Brad is best known for his ability to say, “Hmmmm.” And Joe is the best french fry and tator tott guy in the business.  The third instructor  was a dud, nice mustache though.

So to all you guide school Alumni thanks for a great Spring, good luck with your future endeavors and keep in touch.

Mike Lombardi with a nice brown.

Morning Line-up

Shore lunch


If you haven’t already check out our guide school. Sweetwater Guide School

Simms Ice Out Guide Event

Simms is putting on their  2nd annual Ice Out event in Bozeman and Sweetwater is looking forward to taking part in the festivities.  I would love to tell you guides and outfitters all the details but it is better to get the information from the experts.  So I contacted Peter Vandergrift to get the scoop.  Now remember Peter is not only our guide liaison at Simms but he is also a fellow guide, writer and break dance instructor.  Thanks for the scoop Pete.

Dearest Superfly,

If you are a guide this is a one of a kind event. The Simms ICE OUT Guide Event is one of a kind in the fishing industry. This is a full blown, three day event centered around the guiding life. Tour the only American Gore-Tex manufacturing facility, shop at the supersale, learn ways to grow your business and test your skills.

The best part is, if you are a professional guide or work in a Simms shop, it’s free.

We have teamed up with some of our friends including Idylwilde, Scott, Galvan, Montana Fly Company, Costa, Adipose Boatworks,  and many more. They have brought their best deals to this event so you can leave with everything you need for the guide season.

We want you here, you need to be here… Make the trip.

Peter Vandergrift
Simms Guide Program Manager

New Yellowstone River Fishing Regulations
Thanks to the Fish Wildlife and Parks Commissioners for the amendment to the Yellowstone river Fishing regulations.  This forward thinking no nonsense approach to fisheries management will certainly enhance the quality of fishing that we will experience on the Yellowstone River for years to come.
New Regulations:
Yellowstone National Park Boundary to I-90 Bridge at Billings

Combined Trout: 4 brown trout and/or rainbow trout daily and in possession, only 3 may be under 18 inches and only 1 over 26 inches. All fish between 18 and 26 inches must be released. Catch-and-release for cutthroat trout.
Open entire year.
Hook and Line: 2 lines with 2 hooks per line all year from the mouth of the Clarks Fork River to the I-90 Bridge at Billings.

TU- Yellowstone River Clean Up

Sweetwater is once again proud to be taking part in the Yellowstone River Clean Up.  This annual event put on by the Joe Brooks Trout Unlimited and Madison Gallatin Trout Unlimited is proven to be one of the great TU events of the year.    We hope that you will show up and help set a new record for the event.

For those of you that make a living on the river as a guide, outfitter or shop owner it would be wonderful to see an increase in participation.  Showing up for burgers isn’t enough!!!  Get your boat dirty and help with the great effort made by our local TU chapter.

Pearl The Shop Dog!

As we near the fishing season we felt like it was time to introduce you to the newest member of our crew.  Pearl the Dog will be helping out around the shop this summer.  Here favorite color is pink,  she loves streamer fishing, long walks and bones.  Come by the Sweetwater Fly Shop and say hi to our newest teammate.

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