Who You Gonna Call?

Thermopolis, WY.

You may have heard about the derailment of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train into the Wind River just south of Thermopolis last week.  Two locomotives and four freight cars derailed on Wednesday afternoon after slamming into a boulder in the Wind River canyon.  One locomotive and one freight car slid 60 feet down the bank and were partially submerged.  BNSF estimated that 3500 to 7000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into the river.

When you’ve got a bunch of hazmat in a blue ribbon trout stream and need a jet boat and an expert jet boat driver, who ya gonna call?  Sweetwater! Sweetwater’s jet boat and operator, Scott Schumacher were contracted by the Whitewater Rescue Institute of Missoula to help with the clean-up efforts and biological assessment.  Scott was down helping with the effort for two days — shuttling clean-up workers and biologists, placing containment booms, and removing diesel fuel from the Wind and Bighorn rivers.  With the wreck being in the canyon and having some serious whitewater to negotiate, he also got to see some wild shit, including the sinking of the other jet boat helping BNSF.  Luckily, no one was hurt (other than the jet boat driver’s pride.)  Way to go sweet co!

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It’s mighty Zeus, the river god!

Go Zeus!

Scotty, That is pretty bad ass! Not great for the River, but you gained alot of cool points!!

Sweetwater to the rescue! I sure hope they are able to clean up with mess with minimal damage done to the river. Waterways are taking a beating right now.

i was fortunate to be in scott’s boat helping with booms. a topnotch boatman for sure!

the fish may not be good to eat for a while….

Is this an old picture of Charlie and his old family before he moved to MT on the witness protection plan??

…yet he coinenuts to be proven right as more and more Black youth end up in jail or dead. It’s all playing out right there in his own home city.

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