Nat Geo Hooked – Monster Fish of Mongolia

I would like to propose a big FISH ON!!!!! to Zeb Hogan host of the National Geographic Monster Fish, for his great television special on the Taimen in Mongolia.  Also a well deserving congratulations to David Gilroy for his outstanding efforts for preserving the Taimen.  David is a first class scientist, fish guide and gentleman.
Also to Sweetwater Travel’s Bayaraa Bayarsaikhan Mongolia’s first fly fisherman and guide.  And to Sweetwater’s Gana Enebish Ganpurev  the hardest working guide on the river.
Great Job Guys, Thanks for helping the Taimen!!!!!

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Incredible post, and what an incredible loonikg place. The pictures of that valley and the tibetan inscriptions are amazing, and it’s really heartening to know that places like this still exist. And hopefully, they can stay like this. The fish are nice too!

Ya learn something new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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