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Come up with the winning caption to this fine photo and we’ll send you 2 doz. crappy flies.

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It turns out fly fishing does NOT cure hangovers

Just 5 more minutes Charlie

Simms’ cleanstream anchor system

Fish along the Pillowstone River…

Sore and confused, The last thing charlie remembers was doing shots of tequilla at the murray with a man named bubba who assured him “everything would be ok”

Sore and confused, the last thing Charlie remembered was taking shots of tequilla with Bubba at the Murray telling him “everything would be just fine”

“I on the other hand find Charlie Conn very interesting!”

OooH! Looks like Charlie over shot his Triple Axle dismount. The judges will surely penelize him for that one!

Listening for trout.
“I know there down there and can hear them swimming.”

Burt Reynolds didn’t show up in time.

Whiskey River take me home

Fly Fishing needs a bail-out too

Although he regularly practices catch and release, sometimes mortality is inevitable.

A bad case of the blanco.

One of Sweetwater’s finest carefully observes his guide school students…..

Victim of Tony V’s Guide Lunch Special-“Day Old” Town Pump Fried Chicken

The Fly Guide Fly – Strip slowly or troll. Hang on though – expect savage strikes from real pigs.

“Holy #?@* that was good steelhead…”

The only place I can knap with out being woken by the wife and kids every 5 minutes…..

That’s one hell of an anchor!!!!!!

silly your supposed to use the paddles not pull the boat by swimming.

Oh, that was close. Those rapids… bad idea!

Oh shit…

ASPIRIN…..turning a nights worth of bad decisions.. into an amazing guide trip for clients since 1957!!!

Wow…these nymphs are tiny…but I bet they’ll make for a great comparadun hatch tonight!

And they said you can’t put brakes on a drift boat.

The ideal client! Watch this… play dead.

Well group if u look to your right you can see our town drunk gone hiring himself as your our personal anchor

Well group if u look to your right you can see our town drunk gone hiring himself as your own personal anchor

He would have put his ear to the tracks, but not having tracks, he listened for approaching Indians, anyway.

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