Santa Claus, he’ll take you fishing.

World Record Bonefish?

Sweaty Waders pal Captain Ted Christie holds a 15.6 lb bonefish caught by angler Michael Swerdlow. Despite Christie’s unkempt appearance and smelly truck he has become one of the most sought after keys guides. While it is not official yet this bone crushes the current record. Congratulations Ted!

Swerdlow\'s Bonfish

Guide Hands

“Slippery Mother F***er! Stop F***ing Moving!”

The Big DA

Bolton Release

PBR Guide Olympics

“World class competitors, Cory Koff and Pat Vermillion working on their Synchronized flotation routine for the PBR Olympics.  Good Luck Gents!”

Pre Game

Pre Bump

Perfect form

Help End The Commercial Sale OF Florida Permit

Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited are petitioning the State of Florida to end commercial fishing for Permit. Let the man know how you feel by adding your name to the petition BTU is submitting.

Monster Dorado

Our partner Santiago Seeber of Nervous Waters was kind enough to share a picture of his father Fernando Garcia with a monster Dorado.  Nice fish Fernando, way to out do your son!