Kispiox Hog

Copper River Lodge guide Nick English hooked up with us in Smithers B.C. for a couple of days of steelheading before heading back to the States. After a fruitless day on the Bulkley Nick and girlfriend Kaylin decided to fish with us on the Kispiox. After being pointed in the direction of a couple of pools by Scott Schumacher, Nick landed this incredible buck measuring 45″ x 25″ with an estimated weight of 37lbs. HOLY CRAP!!

Nick English\'s 45\

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Now you’ve done it. Half of the Chum team is headed to the Skeena system on the 1st. Until then, we’ve got visions of this beast dancing in our heads.


BAM! Nick is now required to spend the next 20 falls of his life getting beat down by the Kispiox. I think 2 weeks a year for 20 should be fair punishment.

Awesome fish!


Just FYI, the fish was measured to the fork… not to the tip of the tail.
I will be fishing the kispiox again, but it wont be fruitless dave…..It will be a 20 + on a dry…. Ask Scott about the horseshoe…

Why not post the other photo where the fish is lying on the rocks out of the water?

Huge congratulations from this steelhead poser from Lake Erie (Steelhead Alley). I posted your photo and link to this site on our local report site ( and that fish has me questioning why I waste my time with our mutant hatchery mutts.
I can only dream for now…

Photoshop city Man!!! Is that guy from the Geico commercials?

“Photoshop city Man!!! Is that guy from the Geico commercials?”
There was no photoshop involved. I personally saw the pics on Nicks camera right after he caught the fish and have the original unedited files. It’s the real deal. He also landed a 33″ x 20″ Kenai rainbow the week before he got to B.C.

WOW! No steelheading for me this year w/ my 4 month old son. But that fish makes me promise to be back on the Clearwater in 2009! Thanks for the photo.

Hey Nick congratulations that is a dream fish and the fight must of drained you totally getting it in.
That is the epitemy of what a dream buck on the Kispoix should look like.

Beautiful fish. I think most of the questions about the authenticity of this catch could be laid to rest if Sweetwater posted a picture of the fish that shows Nick’s feet and knees in the water. That would pretty much establish that the fish was caught at the location shown in the background. From Big Hammer’s post, it sounds like other photos exist. Can you post a few more of Nick’s photos?

Wherever or whenever Nick grabbed that beast, it’s an amazing fish!

It’t a great fish, but the other photo where it is laying on the beach, out of water, while he fools with his tape is what I didn’t like to see. I hope it lived. A fish cradle works great to measure and photograph fish, and put less stress on the fish. Rushton out of Prince George B.C. makes a great one. Try it.

Here is the deal, I know Nick on a personal level. I know the fish lives, and I know he is an honest person who told me the story and he didn’t kill it so it could go and make more monsters! Lay off the guy eh, cause he is a good person.

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the fish died


Hope to visit Smithers and all rivers this fall. This picture makes the decision easier…

// Johan

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