Palmyra Atoll

When the Nature Conservancy Called to invite a group of our favorite fishermen and us to spend a week on the Palmyra Atoll in the South Pacific, I jumped at the opportunity. I had followed the Palmyra story for many years, and I had pulled pretty much every string I could to get down there for what appeared to be the world’s best bonefishing and trevally fishing in probably the most pristine part of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, the trip was scheduled to occur on the due date for the arrival of our twins which complicated my ability to commit. Fortunately, the twins came two weeks early (all healthy), and my wife in a moment of soon to be regretted understanding, gave me the hall pass to spend the week in Palmyra.

The night before we flew to Palmyra, I took my wife and the twins to see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Butte, Montana. They both gave exceptional speeches and got me all fired up to spend the week in the South Pacific with some very good Democrats. Flying to Palmyra requires a four hour flight in a turbo prop over the ocean. When we arrived, we were all pretty excited to start exploring before our guests arrived the next day. We hit the flats running and managed to catch a weeks worth of bonefish in 3 hours.

Our guests arrived the next day, and over the course of the next few days, we caught some remarkable fish. The highlights included an 80 pound Trevally on a popper, 4 bonefish over 10 pounds, and several Tuna to keep us ankle deep in what has become an increasingly guilty pleasure, Sashimi.

I don’t know if I will ever get back to Palmyra, as the expense of getting there is truly astronomical. I will be forever thankful that, at least, I managed to get there one time. It was, after fishing the Ponoi the first time in 1992, one of the highlights of my guiding career.

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Wow. Amazing pictures. What pretty birds!

I been reading up on the murders there and found your blog. Its nice to see there might be one spot on the Earth we haven’t ruined yet.

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You couldn’t pay me to ignore these posts!

It will be interesting to see how it plays out politically there. Certainly, the ruling class and the media will do all they can to demonize any opposition to their multicultural policies, using this tragedy for all its worth. But I wonder how it really plays out within the general population?

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