Kalik, Kalik, Kalik…

I recently traveled to Acklins Island in the Bahamas with my buddies Eric and Scott to visit our friend Bob Berquist’s Salina Point Bonefishing Lodge. We spent close to two weeks wandering the flats around Acklins without seeing another group of fly fishermen or fishing the same flat twice. The flats around Acklins are best suited to wade fishing around the numerous small creeks which provided some great shots at tailing fish.

We also spent a couple of days on the blue water fishing for Tuna, Dorado, Marlin, Wahoo and Cudas. This was a nice break from the flats and I was lucky enough to land a 100+ lb White Marlin. We had a great trip and all hope to return next year.


Brazilatory 08′

On Febuary 28th I left Livingston to meet up with Jeff Vermillion and Captain John Donnell in Miami to head down to Manaus to conduct an exploratory in the headwaters of the Branco and the Negro. Although many of our fishing days were in previously fished water, we were able to spend at least three days in virgin territory. Time well spent too I might add.

Not only were we able to see the desired water conditions and fish quality to make it a successful trip it was also a great experience to fish with John Donnell. John and Jeff Vermillion have fished together a lot in the keys in recent years and Jeff opted to invite him on this peacock mission. It was great to see a dude with so many years of guiding and fishing experience still have such incredible passion for the sport, the environs and the people we encountered on our trip. Keep the faith John!

I had to give him my lunch money.